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Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) claims the lives of over 400,000 Americans every year. Unfortunately, the common belief is that it only strikes the elderly, overweight, and infirm.

The reality is that cardiac arrest impacts all age groups, genders, and levels of physical fitness. For many victims of SCA there are no outward signs of a problem until it is too late. SCA can strike at anyone, anytime, anywhere. At school sporting events, field trips, dances, assemblies or just during the course of the school day, the risk of a cardiac arrest is very real.

In addition to the students who are at risk, schools and their activities serve as gathering points for parents, faculty, and community members who may also be in danger of suffering from a cardiac emergency.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest is caused by chaotic electrical activity in the heart and can only be treated with an electric shock called defibrillation. Recent advances in modern technology, along with legislative support from federal and state governments, have made a solution available to the public. Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are this life-saving solution.

Everyday, lives are being saved by the prompt delivery of a life-saving defibrillation shock from AEDs. With AEDs installed throughout school facilities, many of the thousands of people who die each year of cardiac arrest during school-related functions could be saved.

By providing cost-effective, simple-to-use AEDs, Lifeline AEDs are leading the charge to arm schools with a cost-effective defense against this life-threatening condition.

Key advantages of the Lifeline AED for Schools:

  1. Exceptionally simple and easy to use
  2. Cost-effective for limited budgets
  3. Durable and portable for use at multiple locations
  4. Brightly-lit active status indicator to simplify maintenance
  5. Long-life battery for low cost of ownership
  6. Loud, clear voice prompts for use in a noisy setting
  7. Low-energy waveform safer for smaller patients
  8. Field-proven design

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